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Re: [IP] zero to DKA....

    Excellent post & completely on-target as far as our experience too. A
teenager who's put in an unexpected "eating" situation would have to be
INCREDIBLY "together", "secure","confident", etc. to excuse themselves to draw
up a shot...I know my daughter wouldn't do that, but the convenience of the
pump enables her to bolus appropriately & NOT have to suffer the consequences
later for NOT wanting to appear "different.".....I also find that because the
pump provides such positive feed-back (i.e: much better & predictable bgs)
she's becoming (usually!!) more responsible  about her pump...She woke up at
170 today, after 2 weeks of a.m. bgs in the 100-130 range, so SHE decided it
would be best to change her infusion set!....With nary a word from "pump-mom"
telling her to do so!!!!

Regards, Renee (Melissa's mom)
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