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[IP] Millenium bug and insulin pumps/meters

     As one of the programmers on the pump I have compiled a list of the 
     most problemsome worries for us due to the year 2K problem:
     1] Our doctors will be billing us for all visits which we won't have 
     had for another 90+ years
     2] Our insurance will deny all bills which are dated 90+ years in the 
     3] Our doctors will refuse to read blood tests and sugar monitoring 
     results from almost a century in the future
     4] Our pumps will realize that we were not born yet and go out to 
     party, unaware that their own batteries, when they run out, won't be 
     able to be replaced for 90+ years
     5] The computer/meter/pump hookup hardware (some of which we already 
     have, some of which is in final testing/development by pump companies) 
     will happy report on the basal rates and blood tests from the distant 
     future and far past.  They will also correlate about two years of 
     readings into three days.
     6] Our spouses (or parents) will realize that we were not yet born and 
     demand changes before birth
     7] The federal government will tax us and charge interest for the 100 
     years we've been alive and not reported it
     8] The federal government will become rich on interest payments on [7] 
     9] Most drug companies will report new drugs test at over 100 years of 
     sustained life effectiveness.
     10] The insurance companies will still not pay for anything easily 
     which they tell us in their own literature will be easy.

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