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[IP] Re: Kids 'n Pumps was zero to DKA....


I was told by both my mini-med rep and my Disetronic rep that there were no
studies that included or focused specifically on kids and pumps. That may or
may not be true, but if studies exist, they are certainly hard to find. I've
just recently come to realize that not all parents of kids with diabetes are
very involved and active in advocating for their children, and that many
just accept whatever the meidcal professionals say as gospel. In those
situations, it may be best to wait until a child is at least twelve, but for
parents such as you tend to find here, who are very much involved in their
childrens' day to day care and advocating for "gold standard" quality of
care for their children, pumping seems to be EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL. We ended
up leaving an endo who was unsupportive and unwilling to update his
knowledge in order to find someone who could and would help us.

>position on wanting their patients to be over 12 before starting on the
>pump.  I know she mentioned that she feels pumps are meant to allow
>independece, and that kids under 12 would not be able to do all that is
>necessary as far as counting carbs and then estimating the bolus.  I can
>understand her point, but I figured we would just be involved with
>helping her with this until she was old enough to do it on her own.

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