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[IP] zero to DKA....

Some additional thoughts on the subject of kids and pumps and my recent
experiences with the CDE.  I am trying to better understand their
position on wanting their patients to be over 12 before starting on the
pump.  I know she mentioned that she feels pumps are meant to allow
independece, and that kids under 12 would not be able to do all that is
necessary as far as counting carbs and then estimating the bolus.  I can
understand her point, but I figured we would just be involved with
helping her with this until she was old enough to do it on her own.

The pump rep. I have been dealing with (who also happens to be a CDE
herself)  works with this endo team and knows our CDE pretty well said
that she feels they have one of the best pump programs in Northern
Calif., and cautioned me about finding another endo that would just put
her on a pump, but not have as much experience.  Do you think they are
basing their age 12  on some research studies regarding kids and pumps
that for some reason didn't recommend them for people any younger than
this?  By the way, they haven't officially turned us down flat or
anything, but have strongly discouraged it.  They are definetly
pro-pump, but none of their patients are under 12.  We are at least in a
better position by comparison to some friends of ours that also have a
nine yr. old.  They have Kaiser (HMO plan), and when she brought up the
subject, they said  no we don't recommend them, and that was that!

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