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Re: [IP] tears and worms...

On  7 May 98 at 19:52, Rmhb1126 wrote:

>     In lieu of a pump, EVERY diabetic child, at a minimum, should be doing
> carb counting so that scenarios such as I just described don't have to
> occur...Surprisingly, not only don't ped endos advocate Pump therapy, far too
> many aren't even teaching carb counting!!..I still encounter parents at
> Children with Diabetes' website who think their kids can NEVER again have
> anything with sugar in it...

And then they'll give their kid a piece of "sugar free" candy or 
something without understanding that it usually raises the bg value 
more than the real thing!  I've shown several people the nutrition 
labels on the "sugar free" stuff and the real stuff several times to 
demonstrate that the real candy has less carbohydrate load than the 
imitation...   and can therefore have less of an impact on bg values. 

It's all a matter of education, awareness and reasoning...  
unfortunately these are areas that many people don't want to 
particiapte in, don't have access too or don't even know exist.

Randall Winchester

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