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Re: [IP] Buddy

    I am sorry I have not answered you but slowly I am getting caught up
with my mail. I appreciate the thought and I am taking synthroid daily for
10 years now. I have no trouble with my eyes not closing just with them
sticking at night and the eyelid tearing the cornea upon waking! Ouch! I
have to put LacraLube in them at night to avoid this.

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

>Buddy...since i have been researching thyroid problems i ran across
>something that might be useful for you...there is something called
>thyroid eye disease...not sure i have the names or facts correct...but it
>might be something you could look into that may resolve the corneal
>problems you have been having...if i understand correctly...it makes it
>so that the eyes are unable to close completely...isn't that what has
>been happening to you...just a thought...michelle
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