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[IP] Itchy Site!

Hi, again!

As of this afternoon, I'm pumping saline!

All went very well.  Most of the pump "training" was kind of a joke in the
sense that there wasn't much new (I'd already read the manual and most of
PUMPING INSULIN).  Getting the bubbles out of the reservoir took a bit of
time.  No problem with the insertion.  I used the Sof-Serter, but I think I
could do it manually, if needed.

However . . . no sooner had I finished taping the site when it started
itching unbearably!  The itching did not seem to be connected to the
polyskin or other surrounding tape; it seemed to be right underneath the
set itself, including the tabs.  I was so uncomfortable that the CDE had me
take out the set and do another insertion, this time putting on the
polyskin before inserting the set.  The skin under the first set was red
and irritated-looking.

The second set itched too, though not as much, and it has subsequently
tapered off some more.

But I'm still uncomfortable.  And I'd really hate to think that itchy skin
might keep me from pumping!

I have extremely sensitive skin.  I can't tolerate direct contact with
elastic and most of my clothing has to be made primarily of cotton or other
natural materials.

I'm sure others have had this problem.  What can you suggest?  Is there any
way to tell exactly what it is that I'm reacting to?  Would using a bent
needle or silouhette be less likely to cause this problem?

I'm eager to hear your comments.


PS--I was glad to hear that so many adult Minimed pumpers chose the blue. 
I did too, but felt sort of silly at the time I ordered, figuring it was
probably intended for kids.  But I'm really glad I got the blue pump--it
just looks more upbeat than the black or gray!

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