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Re: [IP] tears and worms...

....and I can remember taking Melissa to the movies & watching HER watching 3
girls in front of us sucking on those lollipop rings...not that she'd ever had
any interest in those candies before, but the look on her face of "I can NEVER
EVER have that again" was so painful to see..I doubt either of us focused much
on the movie, that's how "thrown" we were by the reality of what her new
diagnosis meant.....
    In lieu of a pump, EVERY diabetic child, at a minimum, should be doing
carb counting so that scenarios such as I just described don't have to
occur...Surprisingly, not only don't ped endos advocate Pump therapy, far too
many aren't even teaching carb counting!!..I still encounter parents at
Children with Diabetes' website who think their kids can NEVER again have
anything with sugar in it...

Regards, Renee
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