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Re: [IP] year 2000 problem

Wayne Mitzner wrote:
> Hey lighten up John.  This year 2000 problem has been blown way out of
> proportion by software engineers trying to make a pile of money.  (And they
> are doing just that).  There's more than enough for us diabetics to worry
> about today than losing the memory of 100 glucose tests a year and a half
> from now!  If one were really concerned,  just take a printout on New Years
> Eve.  Duh. We already know there's no problem with Minimed.   I bet your
> mother worried about your getting razor blades in apples when you went
> trick or treating :-)

Wayne, if you're right I'm absolutely delighted. But I write as a former
programmer, who wrote loads of commercial software that will CRASH in
the year 2000. It wasn't my fault. I operated within a budget, and the
operating system (beyond my control) wouldn't allow me to even LOOK
beyond 1999. So I just had to shrug my shoulders, make some comments in
the code, and leave it for someone else to sort out sometime in the
future. And I hope they do. Otherwise that company ain't going to be
paying any dividends to anybody for a while - and that means your

I guess this was the week I decided to check that my diabetes wasn't
going to get caught up in any nasty millenium crises - cuz that's what
keeps me alive. It looks like I'm clear, but please don't criticise me
for inviting others to check out their equipment as well.


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