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Re: [IP] year 2000 problem

In a message dated 98-05-07 12:42:23 EDT, you write:

<< As FDR said (was he diabetic?) , "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

It should have been, "We have nothing to fear but ourselves (for lack of

I'm sorry to sound nasty, but what do you personally know about potential Y2K
problems?  Is it only what you have heard, or have you done any research
yourself?  Being well-versed in computer programming myself, I can affirm that
there will be problems.  In fact, there already are -- small problems that are
fluff compared to the potential problems if not corrected or patched quickly.
A small example: one of the larger banks issued renewal credit cards with year
2000 expiration dates.  Guess what happened?  Many "computers" (check-out
registers, ATM's etc.) that aren't Y2K compliant couldn't read the cards.
That's just one small problem.  The railroads are also already experiencing
problems b/c they forecast 3 years into the future.  3 years from now is not
recognized by their systems.  I'm not promoting mayhem or hysteria, however to
think Y2K compliance is all hype is ignorant.  One area of Y2K non-compliance
that can affect all diabetics is that delivery of life-sustaining supplies
could be interrupted and delayed.  It is in all of our best interests to stock
up on supplies.  Just plan ahead, but don't deny that a problem exists because
you may very well be left high and dry in the VERY near future.

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