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[IP] tears and worms...

Michael wrote:  (clipped)

<<Think HOT FUDGE SUNDAE! Lily  eats quite a few of these during the
summer. Her first request on the way home from the doc's after
getting insulin in her pump (I will never forget, it made me cry) was
to stop at Mc Donalds for an apple pie.>>

Not sure we remember what a hot fudge sundae or McDonalds apple pie
tastes like!!  But I bet they are good, and I will cry too when this
becomes a reality!  I still remember shortly after Stephanie was
diagnosed we were at a family reunion.  Someone brought a huge bag of
sour gummy worms and all the kids (and some adults) were diving in.  As
soon as Stephanie saw the bag she just cried.  The mother who had
brought them felt so bad, she went over to Stephanie and handed her a
dollar bill.  That dollar bill meant nothing, but being able to have
those gummy worms along with her cousins meant everything......

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