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Hi Jay,

I have been pumping for a little over a month now, so am still quite new at 
this whole thing, however, I take Tae Kwon Do as well. This was a big 
concern of mine when I went on to the pump. I have been to 3 classes 
now.(each 1 hr. in length) I have not had any problems. I dis-connect 
before class and test my BS and re-connect after class and test again. The 
first Tae Kwon Do class I went to after starting on the pump was a little 
tense because we had to actually kick our partners (with protection on of 
course) in the abdomen. I was a little tense, but, it did not seem to be a 
problem at all. I think my partner was more nervous than me. Also, we don't 
kick each other very hard. From  what I've heard, martial arts is not a 
concern when pumping.

Let me know how it 's going. I would be very interested to compare notes.

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Bye for now,

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