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[IP] The end of civilisation



Been there? Is Gary North a friend of yours? ;-)

I regret to say I bought a Psion 5 this week. There were so many people
asking after a Series 5 version of my Musicbox software, I decided I
could probably justify the expense. Did you see Musicbox reviewed in
last months Psion User? I nearly fell of bed! The 5 is a bit fussy, and
the screen rather dark and shiny, but nice none the less. It certainly
makes for excellent palm-top internet access, which is something I
desperately needed and is lacking on the 3.

The Bayer Esprit (called the Dex in the US) has passed my superficial
Y2K test. And my fax/answerphone did as well!

I'm looking to draw a list of all bg meters and check their status, and
circulate it on the various newgroups. Does this overlap with your work?
But I'm not in it for profit sadly!


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