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Re: [IP] Swimming Trouble

i do not know if this will help but you may want to try it.  i have a
disetronic and i have never had trouble with the tape coming off or even
getting loose.  maybe the disetronic tender will fit on your minimed pump.  i
know the minimed needles will fit on the disetronic because i have tried a
couple of them for a different problem--blood in the catheter.  BTW, they both
did the same with my problem.  Thanx to whoever it was who advised me to
insert the catheter at a smaller angle.  it worked.  i have not seen any blood
in the tubing since.  thanx again.  it might be just because i'm used to the
disetronic tenders and tape, but i like them much better.  they're easier to
apply and they have never come loose on me.  ellen
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