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[IP] Extra infusion set pieces?

Wayne, Sam:

When I first started using Comforts (aka Tenders / Silhouettes), I ended up
with mismatched pieces when I was finished with the box. The default
configuration for Tenders, etc. is called a "Tender 2", meaning there are
two cannulas (bases) for each piece of tubing. If this doesn't work for your
rotation schedule, you can order "Tender 1" sets, which have a tube for each
cannula. This might match your requirements better.

At the time I discovered this, I was still using Comfort sets. I ordered
what we referred to as the "hospital package", which was the same as the
Tender 1 sets - 1 cannula / base for each tube, shipped as a complete set.
You might find that ordering one box of each will give you some different
configuration options.

I don't know if MiniMed provides the same configuration choices. If not, try
the Disetronic or the Comforts suggested here, since they're all the same
anyway. You might end up with fewer extra pieces.

Course, when all else fails we can try to organize a pumper's "cyber garage
sale" ;-)

Bob Burnett

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