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RE: [IP] Swimming Trouble

> Ryan, age 10 loves to swim and we have discovered that his
> site comes off
> during swimming.  Any ideas to protect the site so the
> comfort set will not
> not lose the sticky and stay on?

Are you using Skin-Prep pads?  If not, those might help, as they put down a
thin layer of something that the tape sticks to pretty well.

If you ARE and you still have this problem, then another thing you might want
to try (I do this with my Tenders) is to take a piece of IV3000 or Tegaderm,
and cut a hole in the middle of it.  Put in the comfort/tender, then place the
IV3000 over it with the hole you cut in it centered right over the connection
spot.  Then connect as usual through the hole.  The extra tape provided by the
IV3000 over the Tender's little sticky results in something that's not going
to come off until I want it to :-)

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