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Re: [IP] Is this when I need the square wave bolus?

<< Have to confess dinner
 had some d**n good onion rings; nice and greasy, the way they should be. >>


Any time a meal contains a lot of fat, you should consider using the square
wave.  This is especially important if you are using Humalog since the H acts
so quickly that it can be in and out before you digest the food, causing you
to go low.  

You will need to experiment a little in order to determine what length of
square wave works best for you.  I suggest trying this at a time when dinner
isn't late, so you have plenty of waking hours to test.  Test frequently so
you can determine your own personal curve.  Some examples of "good" high fat
meals are pizza, Mexican food (with lots of cheese and refried beans, etc.),
or German sausage served with macaroni & cheese.   I've got to stop now, I'm
beginning to drool on the keyboard! :-)

Good luck!
Mary Jean 
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