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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #276

Sam, I tried to get things ordered separately,  but they don't do that.
The best you can do (at least with the Silhouettes) is to get twice as many
tubing sets as infusion sets.  I've been acquiring lots of extra tubing
sets.  I wish I could find a good use for all these extras.  I let my kids
use the tubing for Arts and Crafts projects, but that's a pretty limited
use.  Maybe we could lobby Minimed to sell the three components (syringe,
tubing, and infusion catheters) separately.

<<<From: Sam Skopp <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] short vs full reservoir

You can tell that I'm still a pumper-greenhorn. I hadn't even thought
the quick disconnects. For some reason I thought that when you changed
infusion sets that you had to change the whole thing. Why? Because the
jillion little packages of soft-sets that came with my pump had both
included. Duh!

Can you get the infusion sets separate from from the tubing? (BTW I can't
believe the prices that they charge for these things. Some of us need to
get together and market discount supplies.... we could call it "Pumper's
Wearhouse"... or maybe "Pumphouse Supply").

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