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Re: [IP] changing reservoirs

In a message dated 98-05-07 09:08:13 EDT, you write:

<< Do you 
 have any recommendations for a child who is scared of needles (and 
 the whole process)?  >>

EMLA, EMLA, EMLA!!!!  My daughter is terrified of the needles.  While on MDI
we have to use the InjectEase to hide the needle or she freaks out.  We got
the EMLA numbing cream and numbed the site.  She still got scared when she saw
that Silhouette needle and we practically had to pin her arms the first time,
but she cheered right up when she saw it go in but didn't feel it.  Another
thing to try is to put one in yourself and letting your son see.  Hard, I
know, but it helps.

Good luck!!

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