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Re: [IP] Is this when I need the square wave bolus?

Hi Vickie
I have been experimenting with the square wave with my son with some very good
results. Last weekend we went to a buffet and I allowed him to eat what ever
he wanted. He had a tremendous amount of complex carbs so here is what I did.
He bolused 3 units (humalog) just after he started eating. About 45 min. later
when I seen how much he was eating he bolused another 2 units. Then about 2
hours after his original bolus I had him do a square wave of 3 units over 3
hours. His blood sugars went as follows: 8:00 pm. 4.7 ( 85 U.S.), I did not
snack him. 9:30 pm. 6.1 (110 U.S.), no snack. 11:15 pm. 5.6 (100 U.S.), no
snack. 1:30 am. 4.1 (74 U.S.), here's where I blew it. I gave him 1/2 cup of
OJ. 7:00 am. he was 12.3 (221 U.S.) He probably didn't need the OJ but I
couldn't take the chance at 4.1 and besides I wanted to sleep for the rest of
the night! I was very impressed with this result and 12.3 isn't all that bad
considering all that he had to eat (pizza, bread sticks, rice krispie squares,
french fries, chocolate cake and much more.) I will continue to use the square
wave for meals like this but I don't know if I will ever be comfortable doing
it without testing every couple of hours. Hope this helps you.
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