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[IP] Humalog refrigeration, etc.

Sam, I had similar questions when I started a few months ago, and got so
many different answers that I just decided to experiment myself.   YMMV but
my experiences are:
1. The Humalog bottle in use does not have to be refrigerated.  Indeed, I
order 6 bottles at time by mail, and the pharmacy doesn't even include a
cold pack in the UPS shipping container.  I refrigerate the sealed bottles.
Also since more air is dissolved in cold liquids, there is more likelihood
of bubbles occuring as the cold insulin warms up in the reservoir.
2.  I now completely fill a new reservoir with Humalog and use a new tubing
set with it.  When the reservoir is empty, I replace the reservoir and
tubing set together.  For me this last about 12 days.  I change the
Silhouettes every 4 days now.  I started out going 3 days as recommended,
but forgot one day and realized that I could go 4 days.  (Who knows, I may
forget again and end up with 5).
3. Problems with infections are highly overrated.  There was a recent
medical study that demonstrated no problems with people (i.e., non-pumpers)
injecting insulin through clothing!  Also many people reuse syringes and
lancets with no problems.

<<<From: Sam Skopp <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Price of Humalog

The idea of keeping the Humalog in the refrigerator sounds like a good idea.
Are there any negatives to doing this way?

My CDE wants me to change the reservoir each time I change infusion sets. She
says that there is more of risk of infection and other site irritation
if you re-use them. However, I see other people using them for much longer
periods. Has there been any studies on this (especially in reference to the
of Humalog)?>>>

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