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[IP] Choose by color?

Hey thanks Sara, those guys were getting way too serious.   Since everyone
on this list seems to agree that there's really not much difference in the
pumps (the secret of success is all in their use), that elevates color to
an even more important status!   Nice to know we're on the same wavelength,
i.e., except for your poor taste in colors :-)    [It really is such a
pretty blue]

From: URTAsef <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Choose by color?

hey sometimes in life, it comes down to a simple detail assisting us in our
choice.  When faced with two like products,  equal in many ways, each with
their own pros and cons.

They were sold out of the color Honda I wanted, and weren't gonna have any
until the end of the month, but I wanted a new car NOW, so I went down the
road to the  Saturn dealer, and got the color I wanted.  Couldn't be happier
with my "choice."

However, if the only color availble for the MM507 was blue, I might have opted
for the Disetronic - I don't DO blue


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