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Re: [IP] Re: Ruth's views

Thanks for the thoughtful response!  I don't at all think the pump is bad or
terrible.  It's just that we have such a cheering section and I believe that
well-informed choices are the best.  And I guess with the kind of work I do I hear
continually about people not thinking about things beyond the moment.  You
definately got the point!   If I weren't too busy to even consider it, I'd want to
go back and borrow some of you for some of those teenage years!  As you say, it
just takes some very very good thinking and awareness!

Kaseyfs wrote:

> In a message dated 98-05-06 01:05:17 EDT, you write:
> << Not one of these is a good reason not to get your daughter a pump.  All of
>  them are good reasons to sit down and ask yourself about your parenting
>  style and beliefs, about your ability to learn as a parent daily, and your
>  ability to be their and plan ahead for the long haul.  Some diabetic parents
>  have already done that.  Then good and go for it.  But please please please
>  be brutally honest with yourself!
>   >>
> Ruth,
> I think this is the best perspective I've read about pumping.  Yes, yes, yes,
> I know the benefits are great, but few talk about the downside.  In darker
> moments I wonder if putting Kayla on the pump is the "right" thing FOR HER.  I
> know that medically, given her rocky D history, it is the best thing for her.
> Frequent illnesses have landed her in the ER/hospital too many times in her
> short life.  I know the pump will help her maintain relatively good D control
> when sick, instead of that constant downward spiral of dehydration and DKA.
> Prevent illnesses, no...help weather through illnesses, yes.
> I'm glad you had the courage to print your feelings here.  I've often wondered
> how Kayla will really feel about the pump.  One week on the loaner pump was
> good, but not really enough for her to make a lifelong decision regarding
> pumping.  We've reached an agreement with the insurance company that I think
> is really the best way to go.  They've agreed to pay for a 6 week rental just
> to see if Kayla is really going to like pumping.  They don't expect any BG/A1C
> changes in that time.  They realize that 6 weeks is not long enough to see
> drastic changes.  They just don't want to pay $5000 for a pump if she's not
> going to use it.  At the end of 6 weeks, if she still wants one, they'll pay
> for it.  Secretly, I was relieved with their decision.  I would have felt
> guilty if they had paid outright for the pump and it just wasn't what Kayla
> wanted right now.  I'm not one to try and stiff insurance co's or to "milk the
> system" because I realize that we all have to do our part to help maintain
> health care costs. Believe me, our ins. co. has paid out far more for Kayla
> than we've paid in!!!
> I'm hoping that Kayla will like pumping.  I'm hoping she'll like the
> flexibility and spontaneity it gives back to her.  I'm hoping she'll prefer
> feeling better to the roller coaster ride of the big BG swings she has now.
> I'm hoping her little 5 year old brain can understand the benefits of better
> BG control now for reduced risk of complications in the future.  But despite
> all the benefits, she still has to cope with that pump becoming a part of her
> 24/7.  She may very well decide it's not for her right now.  I hope not, but
> she might.  I'm glad you took the time to voice the not-so-positive aspects of
> pumping.  Unfortunately, no "tool" is going to be perfectly wonderful with no
> downsides.  Only a cure could be that.  But I'm not holding my breath for
> that...
> Kasey
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