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RE: [IP] Why wait Sam?

At 05/06/1998 - 04:12 PM Bob Burnett wrote:

>You know yourself the best. I respect your decision to wait until the
>of your health care team is together with you, before starting with your
>The best time for you to start pumping is when *you* are ready. Even
>the rest of the group is sitting here cheering for you to start, only you
>know when the right time is.

Well, if given my choice I'd start tomorrow. Yes, I'm ready!! But, setting
the basal rates and all that stuff needs to be reasonably accurate. When I
go in they're going to be monitoring me all day, just to be sure that
things are going well. I'll also be able to ask questions directly to a
live person (not that you all aren't alive, but there is a decided
between Q & A). Any mentors in the Portland Oregon metro area that want to
hold a beginner class? 

>P.S. When you figure out how to get the "pager" part of that new fangled
>thing to work, give me a holler. I've been trying for two years now and I
>still can't get any messages on mine  ;-)

I've tried pushing all the buttons...  besides the missing pager function,
there's no toggle between AM/FM... and I can't figure out where the


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