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RE: [IP] Pollen count and Fasting BGs, was: Tired & Weary


Thanks for the reply.

If I take any medication at all for the allergies, it affects my BGs.
Sometimes very significantly. I didn't need them much last year and the
first spring I had my pump, I was still setting my initial rates.

I think you're correct in playing it cautiously, especially with a wide
variation like this. I would rather err on the safe side. If you wake up
high, you can always bolus to bring it down. Beats waking up too low ;-)

I'll be curious to know how the Claritin works for you in the long run. I
tried some of my wife's last year and it seemed to not knock my BGs around
as much as stuff like Sudafed or Chlortrimiton (the very worst for me).


Bob Burnett

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