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Re: [IP] zero to DKA in nothin' flat?

Thanks Ruth -- that was a great response.  While I don't want to give up my
pump, I have different reasons (namely the gastroparesis that wasn't
supposed to happen with very tight control -- I blame extreme stress because
it's a true and handy excuse) than many here.  I'll echo a couple of other
member comments too, then add my own.
I adamantly agree with Michael -- all Type 1's should be counting carbs.  I
found out long before docs and ADA were saying so that my bgs depended on
the carbs.  I'd smile and nod at the dieticians as they tried to legislate
what I would be able to eat, then drag out a carb book and do it my way when
I left.

Like Ruth, I think that there will (I agree with you completely) be
downs/rebellions somewhere along the way.  Working through diabetes may
force maturity faster, but it may be a time bomb effect.  Sometimes
"normalcy" looks so good, so easy.  Barbara, you sound like a person who can
add wonderful perspective to your patients --including the one whose
pancreas transplant has just failed (prayers continue).  Parents can help
with that perspective too by encouraging involvement that is for others, not
just self care.  There really is always someone else who needs your help.
While my parents had a tough time coping with my diabetes, they gave me the
strength to help myself, and more love than anyone could expect.  Logical
analysis is a personal strength, but if you have love (and that fits every
parent's post I've read) you will conquer the obstacles, whichever route you

Sorry for the sappiness.  My main point is that MDI can also be a good
route.  I'm not certain why there are so many vocal opponents to Ultralente,
perhaps my body was one in a trillion that fits its curve.  Before the
gastroparesis problems ensued, my life on U was very similar to what most
talk about with the pump.  The differences? -- costs were much lower, I
wasn't "hitched" to a machine, and life was a pain once a month when my
basal needs increased for menses.  I could, however, eat what I wanted,
whenever I wanted to.  I skipped meals with abandon.  I had a few
reactions - but minimized them with testing.  My A1c's were never over 7,
and when prepping for pregnancy were between 4 and 4.5.  I had a good doc,
and a great CDE.  I was (am) motivated.  I did (do) a LOT of bgs.  Sounds
like a pumper, right?  I think that the keys are twofold; motivation/bg
monitoring, and a doc who is actually willing to work with and through the
initial hassles to get U set up.  While I pray that none of my kids will
ever need manufactured insulin, I would definitely try the Ultralente route
first.  I agree fervently that life on Nph is an enormous pain in the
behind, but U can be very similar to the pump.  And, of course, YMMV (your
mileage may vary).
Take care,
dx'71, MM507 1/98, Humalog

ps -- has anyone heard if things have improved any for Rodney?

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