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Re: [IP] zero to DKA in nothin' flat?

ruth, i liked what you had to say very much.  i have only been on the pump for
2 years and it is wonderful.  however i was very committed and enthusiastic to
begin with.  when i was diagnosed at age 9(38 years ago), i probably would
have made a good pump patient if they had had them then.  as a teenager, i was
very rebellious and probably would not have liked it at all.  when i became
pregnant with my 2nd child my endo wanted me on a pump, but i guess i wasn't
ready.  that child is now 15.  i am gungho for the pump, but i don't think
it's for everyone.  i think many do fine without it and many, who would really
benefit, are not ready to make that huge commitment.  i really think that
everyone should have the option of a pump, but to tell you the truth, i have
seen some people on the pump that sort of scared me.  i really thought they
did not have a clue about solving any complication or figuring anything out
without calling the dr.  one woman who was trained on the disetronic with me
worried me.  she had bad vision and lived by herself.  the cde went over
everything about 100x and she still didn't have a clue.  i think the pump has
improved my life 1000% but i still don't believe it is for everybody.  we need
that CURE!  ellen
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