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[IP] I want a Pumpy too!

No joke...someone tell me!!!!!! :-)  I am an elementary school counselor and in the past two weeks I have had to explain to 1,000 children from kindergarten to 5th grade why I am wearing a pager on school property?!?!?  (They of course would get suspended for wearing a pager to school!)    If I had a PUMPY I could better explain.  The fifth graders somewhat understand but the little ones have no clue what I am saying...they just keep telling me, "OOOHH, Mrs. Diffee you are gonna get in trouble by the principal!"  I use stuffed animals to explain respect, kindness, diversity, anger managment, conflict resolution, self-esteem, etc.... Why not to explain my "pager"?!?!? :-)
                                            -Tonya D.