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Re: [IP] Filling Cartridges

In a message dated 5/6/98 9:07:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted

<< Can you re-use the needle to fill the insulin cartridge?  That needle never
gets near your skin (THANK GOD!) and I suppose as long as you clean it with
alcohol it would be okay, right?  And can you really re-use the cartridge
itself?  Here in Canada those cartridges are $4!!!!! The co. rep said they are
coated with something inside and if re-used the plunger will get sticky and
result in a possible blockage?  Just wondering, I begin pump therapy on
Sunday, I just received the Disetronic. 
Just a helpful suggestion, Wendy... please avoid using a background like this
one when sending responses.  If I have difficulty reading it , then you can be
assured that our friends here with vision problems probably cannot read your
posts at all.  Thanks.

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