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Re: [IP] Pollen count and Fasting BGs, was: Tired & Weary

On  6 May 98 at 18:23, Bob Burnett wrote:

> Randall wrote:
> <snip>
> The pump helps me sleep through the night, although with springtime
> here we're back to upping my dawn basal rates because my fasting bg
> just keeps going up, up and up with the pollen count...
> <snip>
> Can you tell us more about the way your dawn effect seems to be affected by
> the pollen count? Does this pattern change at all?

For the past several days I've had the stuffy nose et. al. from the 
seasonal allergy problems that are endemic to this part of the 
country.  I started on my allergy medication (Claritin) last week and 
will be starting up the nose spray tomorrow with a new one the doctor 
wants me to try.  I wake up all stopped up and with a bg around 
190-210...  so I'm upping my dawn basal rate slightly.   This usually 
happens each spring  but this is my first spring on the pump so I'm 
still learning how to handle it...  I'm being real careful because on 
the days when I haven't been stopped up my bg is around 90-120 so I'm 
trying not to overcorrect.  Last night at 1:40 a.m. my bg was 102, 
and then at 6:30 it was 197...  I got up with one of the boys and 
check my bg before I go back to sleep when I'm interupted like 

> My basal rates have been going up in the dawn hours. I have assumed this was
> due to the meds I have recently started. However, the pollen count here is
> astronomical - normal for this time of year is around 450, this year it is
> 1000. I wonder if this is affecting me as well.

My "pollen count" reference was just a guess that the two are 
Randall Winchester

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