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Re: [IP] Thanks for food scale info & update

In a message dated 5/6/98 12:25:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<<  I just hope
 I don't forget I'm wearing the pump when I get up in the middle of the
 night to use the bathroom--since I sleep in the buff, I could end up
 dragging it onto the floor, and something tells me that wouldn't feel too
 good!  Maybe I'd better just get into the habit of putting on a robe with a
 pocket first thing. . . . >>

While wearing the pump with saline for a weekend, I got up in the middle of
the night forgetting it was attached.  I soon found out it was when it landed
on my big toe.  I just reeled it up off the floor by the tubing.  Everything
was fine.  I can use that incident to warn my patients  that it might happen
and not to worry about it.  You will do fine!  Good luck to you.

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