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RE: [IP] Why wait Sam?


Glad to hear you're perched on the starting line, getting ready to go.

You know yourself the best. I respect your decision to wait until the rest
of your health care team is together with you, before starting with your

The best time for you to start pumping is when *you* are ready. Even though
the rest of the group is sitting here cheering for you to start, only you
know when the right time is.

I was real glad when I started that the CDE asked me just before we loaded
the pump "Are you ready for this?". I know she was eager, because I was her
first pump patient, but she had the presence of mind to make sure that *I*
was ready for it. She would not have proceeded until I was ready. I always
respected that ;-)

And yes, I was ready.

P.S. When you figure out how to get the "pager" part of that new fangled
thing to work, give me a holler. I've been trying for two years now and I
still can't get any messages on mine  ;-)

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted

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