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[IP] Pollen count and Fasting BGs, was: Tired & Weary

Randall wrote:

The pump helps me sleep through the night, although with springtime
here we're back to upping my dawn basal rates because my fasting bg
just keeps going up, up and up with the pollen count...


Can you tell us more about the way your dawn effect seems to be affected by
the pollen count? Does this pattern change at all?

My basal rates have been going up in the dawn hours. I have assumed this was
due to the meds I have recently started. However, the pollen count here is
astronomical - normal for this time of year is around 450, this year it is
1000. I wonder if this is affecting me as well.

I typically suffer from some degree of hay fever type stuff, but have never
tried to correlate my basal requirements with hay fever symptoms. Do any
others notice this? If so, does it change after awhile, or do you wait till
winter for things to settle again?

Bob Burnett

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