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Tired & Weary (WAS Re: [IP] zero to DKA in nothin' flat?)

On  6 May 98 at 15:24, Daryl & Melissa Davis wrote:

> So either way you go, diabetes is just a rough way of life and you just
> have to deal with it the best you can and try to make the best decisions
> you can for your child and yourself!   All of it gets tiresome.... VERY
> tiresome!  How wonderful it would be to sleep through the night without
> worrying about blood sugars and insulin!  WHERE is that cure??

Tiresome is one way of phrasing it!  Lots of calculations, but you 
learn to keep some things simple... For a lot of "normal" meals I 
know how much insulin to bolus to cover the meal, so I get breaks 
from the calculations.  The management of this condition is very 
data-intensive but the payoff seems to be worth the effort, most of 
the time.   

The pump helps me sleep through the night, although with springtime 
here we're back to upping my dawn basal rates because my fasting bg 
just keeps going up, up and up with the pollen count...

As far as the cure...  the per patient spending on some "spotlight" 
diseases like AIDS is much higher than for diabetes...  maybe we need 
to start having marches on Washington and state capitals, or at least 
start e-mailing and phoning our representatives.

Randall Winchester

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