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[IP] zero to DKA in nothin' flat?

>>>I think my take on pump or not pump decisions is quite different than
rest of our list members -- <<<

Ruth, thank you for your thoughts!  These are things I discovered while
reading Pumping Insulin!  Pumping will mean ALOT of calculations and I
can already see that some night I'll want to just sit down to dinner
without figuring out how many carbs are on Kristina's plate!  I worry
about the cost of the supplies for years and years and also, 4 years
just isn't long enough for a pump warranty!  Not when it has to last a
lifetime!  I can see we'll be spending another $5,000 before we know
it!  Thank goodness for insurance now but this will come out of our
pocket when Kristina reaches college age unless she stays home with us
to go to college!  Lots of things to think about when deciding to get a

But on the other hand, we'll be facing the same sort of problems with
shots over the years!  And I'd love to sit down to dinner some time
without having to serve up a shot along with the potatoes... a shot that
probably won't even be enough since she loves potatoes so much (we're on
set insulin doses here ~ no sliding scale for us!)!  And getting
insurance to cover what we need now is hard enough!  What will she face
as a college student and just starting out in the job market?

So either way you go, diabetes is just a rough way of life and you just
have to deal with it the best you can and try to make the best decisions
you can for your child and yourself!   All of it gets tiresome.... VERY
tiresome!  How wonderful it would be to sleep through the night without
worrying about blood sugars and insulin!  WHERE is that cure??


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