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[IP] complete software and kidney info

Hi guys....last nite was our pump group meeting where we had Dr Hespert
who is a nephrologist...he was very encouraging...he says not as many
people are needing dialysis as in the past and i gather that the home
dialysis is much better tolerated...he said that the reason people looked
so bad when they were on dialysis in the past was not because of the
dialysis but the anemia it caused...if i understood him correctly a
hormone called Epo or eurothron...not sure i have even the pronunciation
right is helping this...again i am not sure i caught what he was saying
about that correctly...statistically he said that after 19 years of
diabetes 50% of diabetics have some kidney damage ...and it goes along
with eye damage...and coronary arteries (heart) and neuropathy all
vascular damage...he suggested keeping blood pressure under 110/60 and
ACE inhibitors combined with calcium channel blockers...that small
amounts of two medicines seem to work better...lo protien diet he says a
150 pound person should have 55-60 gms of protien and that 1 qt of milk
is 32...a deck of cards size steak is 26...lo phosphorus...cheese has
loads of it...he said lowing phosphorus would double the life of the
kidney...cholesterol control...that many people have undetected urinary
tract infections so he recommended being checked 3 times a year when you
don't think you have an infection to make sure they aren't slipping by
undetected...he said something about the body giving signals of a uti for
the first 3 days and if it is ignored it goes away...anybody else hear of
anything like this?...he says kidney transplats are up to 85% success and
pancreas transplants are catching up...he says there are several new
drugs that should be out in the next few years that are much better...and
that immunosuppression  is getting better...

the  complete meter rep was there and said that the software would be
available to us in the summer...that they don't have enough manufactured
yet to supply the drs and consumers...come on ...i am sure someone handy
with a computer could copy off a bunch real quick...but at least they
have listened to us...i'll be visiting my cde soon and she was supposed
to have gotten a copy so i will be able to find out if it is worth
it...cost under $50... the cost on the complete is $100 but he said the
company would work with you on that...like if you traded in a meter....or
maybe even talked real nice...the duet meter person was there also...it
costs $300 but measures fructosamine along with glucose...she said blue
cross blue shield covered it....bye for now....michelle email @ redacted

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