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Re: [IP] Millenium bug (sorry, long)

On  6 May 98 at 12:17, John Neale wrote:

> Checking your meter (when you have a moment) means setting the date to
> 12/31/1999, testing as normal, waiting till the next day (1/1/2000),
> testing some more, and then checking back through the readings from the
> previous day, and possibly downloading it to your computer if that's
> what you normally do. If anything goes wrong, at least you still have 20
> months to buy a new (different) meter. If you wait until 1/1/2000, you
> may just find that all the shops have suddenly sold out...

If you set the clock to 23:55 (11:55 p.m.) then you won't have to 
wait until the next day, just a little over 5 minutes....  There is a 
lot of hype over the Y2K problem, and some legitimate fears.  Some 
phone systems will shut down, and some HVAC (heating and air 
conditioning) units will shut down because all the preventative 
maintenance timers will roll over to zero...  I've been involved in 
testing computer equipment for Y2K compliance and there are lots of 
areas where problems will occur, and other areas where problems were 
expected and none will show up...  

So let's check our pumps, meters and share the information with the 
list! My experience has been that for PC's and control equipment two 
apparently identical units may behave differently becase they have 
slightly different versions of software...  So we'd need data on 
multiple pumps and meters...

Randall Winchester

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