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Re: [IP] zero to DKA in nothin' flat?

On  5 May 98 at 19:48, JUDY102 wrote:

> This is truly a great group.  I
> sure would like to plan a mid-country get-together, perhaps one that coincides
> with the Diabetes Symposium.  I'm a heck of a fund-raiser and I do have part
> ownership in a travel agency.  I would really love to meet some of you head-
> on...LOL...Sorry so long.
> Judy P.

The idea of some kind of get-together sounds pretty good... problems 
of where to have it, when to have it and all might be interesting...  
Promote it right and get some of the manufacturers support, convince 
a good hotel or something to give us a good price break, we might 
even be able to put together a program...  It could be a fun time....

How about Barkley Lodge State Resort Park, on Barkley Lake in 
Kentucky?  Or one of the other similar resorts in Kentucky or 
Tennessee?  From experience I know that many of these places have 
good rooms at reasonable rates and we were able to get a discount 
rate plus meeting rooms and extra dining thrown in for having a 
handful of rooms reserved and paid for...

Randall Winchester

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