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Re: [IP] Why wait Sam?

At 05/06/1998 - 06:51 AM URTAsef wrote:
>In a message dated 98-05-05 21:53:07 EDT, Sam writes:
>>  I often shoot-up 3-times on a needle and use lancets at least
>>  for a full day (or even a week).
>Of course, everyone is different (THANK GOD) I change lancets about once a
>week - since I do not push on my finger real hard, if it takes more than 1
>poke to produce blood I know it is time to change
>>  Any comments about using the "short reservoir" vs the "full reservoir" 
>> method with the MiniMed? 
>I have always used the short method cuz I did not like the fact that the tip
>of the thing was poking out of the top of the pump.  With the short syringe,
>onlly tubing is coming out - I guess this is just an aesthetic for me.  I
>think I have misplaced that do mahickey they give you to take the thing
out of
>the pump that allows for the short syringe.  I have never had a problem
>priming using this method...or maybe I always have had problems, just never
>knew it...oh well.  Of course, considering I leave a site in for close to a
>week, maybe I should consider trying it.  
>After listening to us for all this time Same, you kinda know what you are
>doing.  You have the bvideo, you have the book.  Go play with it!  If John
>Neale can do it himself, so can you.  Don't wait if you dont want to wait!
>PS what color didja get???

I think the key phrase is: "you kinda know what you are doing." I "kinda" know
some things... it's what I don't know yet that scares me. Although I'd love to
start playing in the sandbox with all the rest of you, I don't think it's a
good idea for me to start on my own. And, I don't think any of my health
professionals would be too pleased with having to drop everything and bail me
out of a jam, should I mess things up.  

I got the Charcoal (black) pump... looks pretty sexy to me! Now, if I can just
figure out how get the pager part of the system to work...


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