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Re: [IP] changing reservoirs


<< I also have rotten
 > results when inserting any of the cannulas into the left side of my belly.
 > The site doesn't last near as long without an occlusion, plus sometimes it
 > painful.  Never bloody, but my right side never bothers me.
 I used to have the same problem, only on opposite sides.  I find that the
canulas work better for me if the needle is angled *away* from my navel, mid-
section.  Perhaps you are just the opposite and have better luck if they are
angled toward your navel?  

Anyway, I finally learned to insert the sets on my right side with my left
hand and vice-versa.  This naturally angles the needles away from my navel.
If you need to do the opposite, try inserting the ones on your left side with
your LEFT hand.  All this is assuming you are right-handed....

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