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RE: [IP] thyroid


I've been on Levothroid for my hypo thyroid condition since April 5.

I really did not mean it to sound like every day the medication kicks in a
little stronger. I meant to state that it supposedly takes 3 - 4 weeks to
begin to notice the effects of the meds. This is per my doctor and per the
literature which came with the RX. My expectation then, is that it will take
sometime for all the other pieces of this wonderful puzzle we call diabetes
to fall into (or out of) place ;-)

I spoke to my doc last week about changes in my BGs and basal patterns which
seem to coincide with the start of the medication. His response, in all its
medical splendor was: "It doesn't surprise me at all".  He's pretty neat -
keeps things simple, so even I can understand what he's saying ;-)

<rest snipped, since PMS does not appear to be a problem with me>

Bob Burnett

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