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[IP] minimed update

Just a bit of information on the implantable pumps!  The Minimed
implantable pump is approved for use in europe, but the insulin isn't
quite ready yet (as I understand it, there were some manufacturing
issues that have been worked out).  However, the pump is on track for
late 99 for the U.S. introduction.  Sounds incredible; my doctor in the
Bay Area had 11 patients on them in a clinical trial and apparently they
worked wonders--patients thought they were incredible. 
Before the implantable pump comes here, Minimed should be giving
approval (by June, I believe) for a continuous glucose monitor;
initially, this will be a diagnostic tool for doctors.  In other words,
if someone is diagnosed, they wear this continuous monitor for 3 days,
and the doc can download the data and see what the BG is every 5
minutes.  Incredible for understanding what insulin to prescribe,
whether by syrringe or pump. Eventually, the company really hopes to
make a "closed-end" system.  In other words, the monitor would also be
implanted, and would work with the pump to give the appropriate amount
of insulin automatically.  Can you imagine?!  This would truly be
amazing and I think we'll live to see it happen.
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