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[IP] Why wait Sam?

In a message dated 98-05-05 21:53:07 EDT, Sam writes:

>  I often shoot-up 3-times on a needle and use lancets at least
>  for a full day (or even a week).

Of course, everyone is different (THANK GOD) I change lancets about once a
week - since I do not push on my finger real hard, if it takes more than 1
poke to produce blood I know it is time to change

>  Any comments about using the "short reservoir" vs the "full reservoir" 
> method with the MiniMed? 

I have always used the short method cuz I did not like the fact that the tip
of the thing was poking out of the top of the pump.  With the short syringe,
onlly tubing is coming out - I guess this is just an aesthetic for me.  I
think I have misplaced that do mahickey they give you to take the thing out of
the pump that allows for the short syringe.  I have never had a problem
priming using this method...or maybe I always have had problems, just never
knew it...oh well.  Of course, considering I leave a site in for close to a
week, maybe I should consider trying it.  

After listening to us for all this time Same, you kinda know what you are
doing.  You have the bvideo, you have the book.  Go play with it!  If John
Neale can do it himself, so can you.  Don't wait if you dont want to wait!

PS what color didja get???

*-)  who is going to a new endo today  PRAY FOR HIM
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