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Re: Implantable pump, was: RE: [IP] Choose by color?

In a message dated 5/5/98 9:49:45 PM, you wrote:


states that the pump is not suitable for young children, due to its weight

when filled with insulin.>>

this is not so.  MiniMed has even published education manuals for use with

<<I have misplaced a recent bulletin discussing Disetronic's plans to release

a "peritoneal catheter" later this year (1998). This supposedly will allow

an external pump (just like we use now) to attach to this catheter which in

turn, connects to the portal vein (the vein connecting the pancreas and

liver). This will allow direct delivery of insulin into the liver,>>

this will be tricky.  the peritoneal space is a sterile area and will still
require some form of surgery.  however, yes, it would be nice to have insulin
delivered directly.  persons using this method of delivery will need to be
meticulus in their technique.
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