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Re: [IP] changing reservoirs

JUDY102 wrote:
> I am embarrassed to ask this..but I just started using the Comfort sets. 

No reason to be embarrassed, that's why we come here to help each other, isn't

> don't last too long with me, as they tend to clog.  It seems too, that I can't
> seem to place the tape flush with my skin.  It always folds or something.
> Like right now, the small white dressing is folded and won't last long.  I
> seem to struggle with inserting that long needle evenly, then taking off the
> covering of the dressing.  Does this make sense to anyone. 

I thionk I understand you. Hiow steep of an angle are you inserting them at?
If you don't have very much of a fatty layer (like me) it's possible
to get it into muscle below the fat layer, so I tend to aim more at the 30
degree angle than the 45, and sometimes even shallower. If it stings badly
just at the end of the insertion you've probably hit muscle, and should 
take out the whole thing and try again elsewhere at a shallower angle.
I trust you understand the directions for taking the front tab off the tape
and holding it reversed with your finger as you insert it, then flip it over
and attach it ONLY after full insertion. Folding back a corner on the back 
half makes it easier to get started peeling off too. Sorry if this seems 
too basic, I'd rather explain too much than too little.

 I also have rotten
> results when inserting any of the cannulas into the left side of my belly.
> The site doesn't last near as long without an occlusion, plus sometimes it is
> painful.  Never bloody, but my right side never bothers me.

I take it you're right handed? Not sure what to say, seems it's just a problem 
with aiming around the curve, I guess.

Oh well, we just have to make sure you never think of this kind of set as 
being "Only for occlusional use." <Grin> Gee, been wanting to say that for
a couple years, thanks for the opportunity!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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