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Re: [IP] changing reservoirs

> I am embarrassed to ask this..but I just started using the Comfort
> sets.  They don't last too long with me, as they tend to clog. 
Sounds like they might be too deep.

> It
> seems too, that I can't seem to place the tape flush with my skin. 
> It always folds or something. Like right now, the small white
> dressing is folded and won't last long.  I seem to struggle with
> inserting that long needle evenly, then taking off the covering of
> the dressing.  Does this make sense to anyone.  I also have rotten
Someone posted a trick about doing this, perhaps they will post it 

> results when inserting any of the cannulas into the left side of my
> belly. The site doesn't last near as long without an occlusion, plus
> sometimes it is painful.  Never bloody, but my right side never
> bothers me.  Judy P.

Lily and Melissa both user area above the butt just behind and below 
the 'love handles' switching sides on each change.

Michael <email @ redacted>
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