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[IP] Fluroscene Angiogram

Dear Marilyn,

The Fluoroscene Angiogram does involve the injection of the dye (fluoroscene) and the whole series of photos probably only takes 5-10 minutes in the doctor's rooms. At least that is what happens in Australia.  It shows all new blood vessel growth and blood vessel shutdown on the retina.  There may be ( see Barry Bruce's reply) other photos that can be taken however my limited medical/scientific knowledge says that a dye is needed for this particular test.  I have had regular photos taken as well but the detail required for the opthalmic surgeon to "act" is just not there unless the "damage" is very obvious.

However, do remember treatments etc vary from country to country and where we would routinely do this angiogram after several years of diagnosis with diabetes in Australia, the same protocols are not necessarily used in the US.

Hope this hasn't added further confusion.

Jennifer from DownUnder

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