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Re: [IP] zero to DKA in nothin' flat?


I always test Megan before bed(always have). She knows if she wakes up to pee
more than once in a night that she comes to wake me up-then we test. Megan has
had problems with crimped infusions in the middle of the night but has NEVER
had ketones by morning. In fact the only time she has had ketones is when we
were still on the Mini-med pump and after I primed the cartridge and placed it
in the pump I forgot to bolus out 5 units. So she got air for about 10 hours.
Yes she threw up and had large ketones. Talk about feeling like a dunce of a

Now that we are using the Disetronic that part is eliminated since the pump
primes itself-but yes you still have to remember to press the button! I am not
going to join the which pump is better arguement-I have used them both within
the last month and liked them both.

You may have to think about changing docs. My doc said most of the kids they
have on pumps are over 10 and in poor control!! Not good enough of a reason
for me. Just use the "If it doesn't work what have we got to lose!!!" routine
and the "If it doesn't work we can throw it in a drawer and try again later"
routine. That worked for me.

What are the chances of going into DKA as often as you test?? If you did not
test OFTEN and really care about Stehanie's future you would not even be
having the conversation,right??

Take care,

Judy C.
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