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Re: [IP] changing reservoirs

This all sounds like saying that you should only use insulin syringes and
lancets once. I often shoot-up 3-times on a needle and use lancets at least
a full day (or even a week). This is just one of those things that I'll figure
out on my own once I get hooked up. I think the professionals are super
cautious in order to cover their backsides. 

Any comments about using the "short reservoir" vs the "full reservoir" method
with the MiniMed? My CDE wants me to use the "short reservoir". From what I've
read in the 507 User Guide, it seems like using this method you are forced to
change the reservoir when you change the infusion set (something about a
priming problem)... but maybe I'm not understanding it correctly. The "full
reservoir" looks like it would be easier to change sets as well as holding


BTW, my MiniMed 507 arrived today and I'm impatient to get started already.
But, I still have to wait for June 8th... both the CDE & my endo are booked up
solid until then. Arrghhh! I hate waiting... especially when I have a new toy
to play with. I wonder if this qualifies as "cruel & unusual" punishment?

At 05/05/1998 - 05:01 PM URTAsef wrote:
>Sounds like your CDE has stock in the reservoir company.  I have reused the
>syringes at least three times, sometimes 4 times for almost 4 years and have
>never had a problem, except one when the o-rings slipped off the plunger.  I
>am pretty careful when I reattach the needle to re-fill it - I don't leave
>needles laying around exposed, but don't alcohol wipe them either.  I also
>have never used alcohol wipes on the lid of the bottle.
>As always of couse, YMMV

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