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No Subject

Well Hello all ....... I am back... We moved and bought our house and I have been swamped with boxes and junk.....
As of today I am also 25 pounds lighter......  I think I have found the secret, compliments to you all and the thread..... seems that I was getting some bad medical guidance from my doctor..... heavens forbid !!!!  well I was seriously over insulinating my self and I was crashing constantly...... and snapping brain cells..... well I lost my insurance, I changed jobs also....  and in the process of all this I decided to watch carefully by BS's with all those free meters and strips...... well I cut out breakfast and used my morning injections more moderately with the humulog and regular injections of NPH..... it took a few days to get used to not eating in the am and then I started to enjoy the feeling... coffee with skim milk and blue stuff.... several during the am and then a moderate lunch.... PB and Pickles !!!!!!!  then a moderate dinner and sometimes a glass of blush wine......  well three months later and 25 # less..... I FEEL GOOD !!!!!!!!!!
I do not advocate this routine to everyone but I do recommend carefully listening to your body and this group..... then consult your DR......  I have had very bad medical advise for many years and that is no reason to stop seeing doctors,,,,,, just look again for a good one.....
Hey maybe we can start a doc referral service..... after all we are like the borg and the collective is more intelligent that the individual !!!!!!!!!!!!
make it so !!!!!!
Dave Brockman.....NOW A HOMEOWNER !!!!!!!.
email @ redacted